Kaipatiki Public Arts Trust’s Film Competition: Frequently Asked Questions

When do entries open?
Entries are open now.

When is the deadline?
The deadline is 23 July 2019

What are the entry fees?
There are NO entry fees.

What is the KPAT Short Shorts theme for 2019?
‘Our Dreams’ and the word Kaipatiki is to appear in some form within the film.

What is the maximum length for the film?
The maximum length for the film is 5 minutes including titles and credits.

Is there a minimum length?
Yes – 3 minutes.

Does KPAT Short Shorts accept animations?

Does KPAT Short Shorts accept documentaries or travelogues?
Documentaries are fine but no travelogues please.

Are there any important restrictions?
1. The film must be GA rating (suitable for a general audience). Any films that receive a rating over and above GA will be disqualified.
2. This must be the first public screening of your film.

Can I re-edit a film that has already been screened to fit the KPAT Short Shorts guidelines?

What format do I have to shoot on?
You can shoot on any format you like eg HD, 35mm, video, mobile phone etc, providing it is delivered to us in MP4 or .MOV – online.

In some circumstances delivery may also be possible on USB stick. For details contact: info@kpat.org.nz

What format do you accept for entry?
MP4 or .MOV

Do I have to obtain copyright clearance for music?
Yes. Refer to the entry form.

Will you edit or modify my film?
We reserve the rights to edit for promotional purposes. For any other purpose we will contact you.

Who should I put down as the primary contact on the Entry Form?
The person who you put down as the primary contact will be the person who has sole contact with KPAT Short Shorts over the next few months. This person should be able to be contacted quickly and easily by phone and email.

If my film isn’t finished by the deadline, can I just send you the entry form and the completed film later?
No. All material relevant to your film must be sent by the deadline which is 23 July 2018.

What are my responsibilities as the entrant?
The entrant is responsible for making sure that the submission complies with all the guidelines and the terms and conditions.

Do I get release forms signed before or after I make the film?
It is very important that you get all your contributors to your film to sign a release form. This includes cast and crew and any other contributor. It is advisable to get the release forms signed right at the beginning while everyone is together as this saves time tracking people down at a later stage.

Can you explain the licence situation?
Initially you will be giving KPAT short shorts the exclusive licence to your film, regardless of whether or not you are a finalist. This means that your film cannot be shown publicly to anyone (including posting your film online) or submitting it to another film festival/competition until after prize giving and premiere. All rights revert to you after the competition.

What happens when I have completed the entry form and submitted the film?
Entrants will receive a confirmation email once entries have been received.

What happens if my film is selected to be a finalist?
You will be contacted by KPAT, and your film will be screened at a premiere and prize giving.

Where will the Premiere and prize giving be held?
The Premiere and prize giving will be held at Birkdale Intermediate School theatre

Will there be other screenings?
If there are, you will be advised.