Short Shorts

Short Shorts 2017 Highlights

120+ kids bite Kaipatiki

That’s the story behind this year’s short film contest for schools and students in the Kaipatiki area.

The 2017 contest theme was “Kaipatiki Bites’. And bite they did! Entries doubled this year with 20 in total including participation from several new schools – Glenfield College, Northcote Intermediate, Birkdale Intermediate, Marlborough Primary, and Willow Park Primary.

The screening and awards presentation was held on 20 August at the impressive Birkdale Intermediate Auditorium. There was a full house of 150 young filmmakers and their parents and teachers bursting to hear who had won what.

This year’s judge was Phil Dadson, a Kaipatiki resident and prominent artist/musician with more than 40 years’ experience of independent film and art-video making.

Winners were:

Primary: “Oh, it’s a Kaipatiki Bite” by Apollo Brice, Willow Park Primary

Intermediate: “The Chelsea Terror” by Hannah Stride, Khalila Ardani, Nikki Gear and Oliver Downes, Northcote Intermediate

In the Secondary category, there was no Winner’s Award this year but the big team from Wairau Valley Special School received a ‘Highly Accomplished’ Award for their story of diverse cuisine across Kaipatiki entitled “Kaipatiki Bites”.

There were also two special awards for the first time this year, one for animation won by Jacqueline Huang from Glenfield College ( “Simple”) also an award for most entries appropriately going to hosts Birkdale Intermediate with 6 films.

All Winners and Merit Awards can be seen on YouTube, or KPAT Short Shorts 2017