Short Shorts

Short Shorts 2019 Highlights

Primary, Intermediate and Secondary students were asked to create a 3-7 minute film with the theme being Kaipatiki – Our Dreams.

Primary School Finalists

Willow Park Primary: In your dreams
Kauri Park School: Willows Dream
Kauri Park Primary: The Alien – Merit Award
Kauri Park Primary: The Boringest Teacher
Kauri Park Primary: Alesia Dream
Kauri Park Primary: Mias Dream
Northcote Primary School: Don’t Dream it be it – WINNER
Chelsea Primary School: PandAmonium – Merit Award

Intermediate School Finalists

Birkdake Intermediate School: Our Dreams
Birkdake Intermediate School: Our Dream – Merit Award
Northcote Intermediate: I Had a Dream – WINNER

Secondary School Finalist

WVSS Transition Students – Judges Commendation

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2019 Judge: Angela Bloomfield

Angela Bloomfield

Angela Bloomfield is most well known for her role as Rachel McKenna in Shortland Street. Bloomfield has acted in 1993 teen movie Bonjour Timothy and Peter Jackson’s The Frighteners.

She has also directed extensively for Shortland Street and Go Girls. Her performance in her own short film Linda’s List, a dark comedy about a bully, earned a 2017 Moa Award for Best Actress in a Short Film.