Public Art Projects

Oruamo Domain Artwork

‘Soft Focus, Summer’s Day …’

A proposed new artwork for Oruamo Domain, ‘Soft Focus, Summer’s Day …’ by David McCracken is in the final stages of design. With the Land Owner Approval granted by Kaipātiki Local Board, we can look forward to the work being fabricated and installed.


The project is being funded by the local board’s allocation from the Auckland Regional Services Trust – established by the former North Shore City Council for an exhibition centre that never eventuated.

The money had to be used for an arts and culture project on the North Shore. The local board invited Kaipatiki Public Arts Trust to lead and deliver this sculpture project, and along with Auckland Council has continued to be involved in the project.

The Artwork Selected

Note: This is an artist illustration and is not the location of this artwork

Soft Focus, Summer’s Day …’ will be 3.5 metres in diameter. Made of polished stainless steel, it will reflect the surroundings and the sky.

Close up it will be fun to check out your own reflection, and from a distance, it will look poised to roll down the hill even though it will be firmly fixed to the ground.

The Artist

David McCracken is a highly regarded artist who has made a number of significant artworks for indoor and outdoor sites around the country. He works with simple forms that we can interpret as we like and he includes carefully crafted details.

Check out the wrinkly edge on the image above – is it being inflated or deflated?


Detailed drawings will be produced shortly by an engineer to confirm all aspects of the artwork. Once these drawings are complete David will manufacture the artwork in his studio and this is likely to take several months.

Once the work is ready to be installed we will advise neighbours and supporters of Kaipatiki Public Arts Trust. And, of course, there will be a community celebration on the completion of the installation.

This will be a great moment for Glenfield, Kaipātiki, and for the North Shore.